Chasseur - Cast Iron Cookware - Made in France

The CHASSEUR Range, a superior quality enamelled cast iron cookware, is perfect for all cooks. Novices or experienced chefs will be able to recreate traditional recipes or use their imagination to create new ones. The enameled cast iron cookware, manufactured in the Invicta foundry and enameling plants established since 1924 in Donchery in the French Champagne Ardenne region known all around the world for its food and wine.

Chasseur - Cast Iron Terrine

The enameled cast iron pate terrine makes a stylish serving pan for meatloaf, fresh bread, pound cake or homemade custard  - and its temperature retention properties allow the dish to remain hot or cold at the table until food is ready to serve. From kitchen to table.

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Large Storage Bowl

Chasseur - Cast Iron Oval dishes - Perfect for making delicious gratins and roast meats...: cast iron retains heat efficiently, allowing you to use the gentlest cooking methods.

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Chasseur’s history is rooted in the very heart of the Ardennes, during the belle époque.
Or, more precisely, in 1924 when the Invicta foundry was established in the Meuse Valley, a major centre for metallurgy. Founded by Fernand Sueur, the company would go on to remain a family business for nearly 90 years. The production sites have been located in Donchery and Vivier-au-court since the very beginning.
The foundry began by producing sinks and sanitary fittings.
Throughout the twentieth century, new product families began to emerge:
cast-iron furniture, tables, parasol bases, trivets, fireplaces and fireplace inserts, barbecues, wood stoves and casseroles,
first under the Invicta brand, and then under the Chasseur brand.
The enamel factory can be found a few kilometres away from the foundry, in Donchery.
Chasseur casseroles are still painted by hand to this day.
Today, Chasseur casseroles are exported around the world, and have become a symbol of the influence of French gastronomy.
Chasseur cast-iron casseroles and cast-iron cookware are manufactured according to a very old process, which consists of two main phases: the casting of the cast-iron item, followed by enamelling, which gives the products their beautiful solid or shaded colours. At Chasseur, this phase is still completed by hand to this day, in the traditional way.
During enamelling, the raw product from the foundry passes through a blast chamber in order to prepare it for enamelling. The inner and outer surfaces are then enamelled in 2 or 3 layers, depending on the colour, and are then vitrified by being fired at a temperature of approximately 800°C.
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