Invicta - french cast-iron founder and enameller

French cast-iron founder and enameller. Established in the Champagner-Ardenne region 1924, Invicta designs and manufactures traditional cast-iron casseroles to delight those who love authentic, characteristic flavours associated with slow cooking. This is no longer a secret; cast iron is the ideal material for cooking since it can spread and retain the heat evenly for a long duration of time. The taste and aromas of a slow cooked cast iron dish remain intense and the naturals colours of foods are naturally preserved - Made in France

Each handcrafted Invicta cast iron product is a unique work of art.

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Invicta - Bistrot Casserole - Cast Iron

Product no.: 4082_Bräter

Invicta - Round Casserole - Cast Iron - Ideal for casseroles, stews, pot roasting and soups.

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